I’m still digesting this meeting. I was twittering during the meeting which was interesting too, I might have figured out how to post something interesting enough to get re-tweeted.

I’m wondering if age is getting to me though-I didn’t really find the talks as illuminating as much as I normally do. None of them had me going “oh my I should look at my data for x,y,z!” but I guess that may be because I’m getting that more these days from DPS conferences where I see a lot more people in my corner of research experience. On the upside, on the day of my poster, our posters were right by the front door so we got a nice flow of traffic. The lab undergrad whose poster was next to mine remarked that I was pretty much slammed the whole time I was in the poster hall and she was right. I guess it paid off to be the one asteroids person in a sea of comet posters since the solar system all gets lumped together at AAS.

This time I found much to be disappointed in and maybe it was just me. The news of the job prospects in astronomy shouldn’t have really been news to me but the discussions of which is better for grad students: abortion or infanticide to do the needed culling  since the number of graduating grad students is greater than the number of available jobs were a bit unsettling as I wasn’t one of those students that came with straight A’s and a shining physics GRE score which seems to be needed to get into the top tier schools . And in some of the town halls I felt some growing ire from other members of the community when instruments are promised but never materialize or are being held back with little to no explanation. I’m not really feeling myself overly motivated and I’m just not sure if it’s winter or what I consider to be not so good news at this meeting.

But for now I get to fight with an oversize catalog that I don’t think was produced with much in the way of usability in mind. Oh my day is full of such excitement.