I love mornings with email surprises. Some folks I spent significant time chatting with at DPS emailed asking if I’d like to collaborate on a paper with them since I have some additional data they’d like to incorporate in their analysis. Of course I’m saying yes and jumping at the chance and will be interested to see how cross continent paper collaborations work given how difficult I’m finding cross country paper collaborations. Admittedly the cross country paper issue is that it’s my PhD advisor, I lack patience in my want to just finish my dissertation already and he’s currently busy this term teaching two sections of intro lecture twice a week because he bought out his contract to do research and fulfill committee duties last term.

Speaking of my advisor- my other email surprise was one of the department secretaries emailing me going “uhhh do you have advisor’s cell phone number? There’s going to be electrical work done tonight that may impact part of his network and we should really get ahold of him”. Considering I talk to him almost all the time on his cell phone, yes I have his number and I’m more than happy to share it.

And HST proposal slowly moving ahead- I’m finding I can’t actually check my distances of my targets right now since the HST ephemeris hasn’t been updated. Poop. I guess I could work on a Spitzer proposal since the Spitzer call went out last night. Too many proposals to write when trying to finish a dissertation.