In the Friday evening news:

What appeared in my inbox but an email telling me I made a short list and asking me to come give a job talk at a major city in the midwest. I say yay as this is the first real nibble I’ve gotten for an application I’ve already got in (as opposed to the one due in a few weeks where people are enthusiastic).

And the PhD advisor called yesterday saying paper looks good, he had a few questions he wanted answered, told him I had all the references in the version I had on computer and I booted the LaTeX file off to him so he could do some editting work where he wants to tweak flow and organization. Looks like I can get it submitted next week, huzzah!

And Hubble Proposal is go. I realized I can do my science as part of the snapshot program (literally only a few minutes needed per target) and I’m breathing a major sigh of relief because that means I don’t have to put in all 200+ targets in this round, I’ll just have to do it if our proposal is actually successful. So I guess when I give my job talk I’ll have to ask what the policy is on postdocs PI’ing grants and observing proposals just in case I get lucky and when thinking about future proposals.