And once again I’m a bad blogger.

1) Job interview in the Midwest went poorly. Apparently I was one of the two people interviewed and I get the feeling that my record of independence re: pursuing research bit me in the backside as there seemed to be numerous concerns that I wouldn’t spend as much time on their science vs mine. All in all, I would have done their science as the big picture linkage between my current interests and their project are great even if they look like largely different topics even if they are in the same part of the flying rocks subfield. *sigh* I swear there are days my actual astronomy training hinders me, because it’s inspired me to look at the big picture rather than the need to study a single object in minute detail.

2) I wrote an application for a postdoc at the in state rival of my undergrad. I practically squeed myself writing the science plan because it mixed solar system and “pure” astronomy and squashing rocks in the lab. It is my dream science project. According to the rumor mill they made offer decisions March 29. . . .it’s Apr 21 and I’ve heard nothing. Awesome. Guess I’m not getting that postdoc. On the upside I need to contact the prof in charge, I still want to do the pure astro part for him (he’s a theorist, I’m an observationalist) and if I’ve got another year before I defend (given that I have to stay a grad student until I get a postdoc lined up to keep any income), I may as well work on this project anyways and keep myself busy.

3) Journal article got submitted. Got a referee’s report back in less than a month and it was a bit. . . cranky. I think the crankiness comes from the fact that the data is nearly as old as I am and the referee couldn’t believe we were poking at it again when it’s been published once. In the many years though models have changed and computers have gotten much better processing power so we can fit spectral energy distributions properly, so it ought to have done. Plus I needed the work done so I could refer to it in future publications and compare apples to apples.

4) I wrote another spacecraft proposal for Spitzer. Not sure why I bothered, every year I get a reviewers report that is poor and last year I got one might as well of said “How dare you question your elders, you uppity graduate student?”.

5) Other papers for the dissertation are in the pipeline. The two big papers still intimidate the hell out of me and after postdoc apps, telescope proposals etc, I’ve decided to take a short auxillary chapter of my dissertation and use it as the next paper. It’s short, it’s straight forward, it has an interesting result and it doesn’t fill me with crippling fear, so I decided to start small and give myself a sense of accomplishment to bolster my spirits with regards to finishing the 2 giganto papers.

And. . .in the future I may just say f* it to my grand blog plans here of going all science. Things on Female Science Professor or Young Female Scientist may indeed give me posting topic ideas. Now for tomorrow’s topic: the AAUP report on why grad students reject the fast track.