So I’m working on yet another paper (the manuscript I wrote about June 10th was accepted by the journal nearly 3 weeks ago, yet I’ve only seen proofs of my online tables, not of the actual article itself, argh) and cursing photometry and image co-adders, but what did I see today on Facebook and Twitter but the Astronomer HR diagram.

If I do some modifications like use only refereed publications in NASA ADS that belong to me (and not the other person with the same last name and first initial) and search google for my full name (either version; with or without my middle name) + astronomy I wind up almost in the dark astronomers section of the HR diagram. If I include the papers in drafts on my desk and in email with collaborators as fractional pubs, I’m most definately in the dark astronomers section. Question is: is that where grad students ought to lurk?