Some days I love my life. Other days I hate my life and those days would include the days I have to write conference abstracts. I especially hate my life when I write the abstracts for LPI organized conferences- it’s like they want a mini paper as a freaking abstract.

Let’s all be honest: for most of us signing up for conferences means that we’ve managed to give ourselves a deadline to get something done. In my case I find it handy- then I know that I’ll have X done approximately in time for the conference. For that reason I much prefer the following type of abstract:

“I did some shit with some data. Or rather I will do some shit with some data about 2 weeks before the meeting when I realize that it’s sneaking up. Oh by the way, here is me talking out my ass about some “preliminary results”. They may be right, or when I get my poster/talk together I may decide my preliminary results are wrong. But hey, they’re preliminary and I told you that so don’t quote me on it m’kay?”

I know I didn’t finish the science for my DPS talk last year until about 10 minutes before I needed to upload the sucker. I am however happy that I waited until the last minute as my talk turned out better after to talking with folks at lunches and finding out what sort of info they wanted to know.