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I’d love to have you finished and completed. I submitted you to the journal in mid March. On the upside it’s been 3 months since we submitted you and we got a set of referee’s comments back in mid April and submitted you back last month. Apparently the referee was okay with some of our changes but not all of them if I read the letter from the editor correctly and we may get you accepted sometime before postdoc applications are due. Of course, that would depend on the journal editor sending me this second set of referee’s comments rather than sending back to me the reply we sent last month.

I’m a bit bummed that the color correction debating is holding you up, but even I know that you have to do color corrections based on the apparent temperature of the SED, not the presumed subsolar temperature. Hopefully the local coffee shop will take a reservation for Cranky party of 2 where you and I will sit and work on making you more beautiful.

In the mean time- I’m really sorry I’ve been cheating on you. See I have this other data to work with that is less than 5 years old and difference in the color correction between 100 and 300 degrees is pretty damned small. If you were a person, you’d be old enough to take me out for beers as your mission was launched when I was 1.5 years old. The new data is new and shiny and you’ve kind of lost your luster. And the only reason I ran you through models and wanted to publish you is that I wanted to make sure none of the cool results in comparing shiny new data to you were due to different fitting techiniques. Now you’ve just become a bit of a drunken and slightly surly pain in my backside.

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