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So I returned from the epic journey to the Frozen Tundra the other week and immediately got caught up in looking at some old data for the advisor and then the 4th of July (where I should just say one should never go down to Yorktown or Gloucester Point to see the fireworks where the sissy British surrendered because traffic is hell trying to get out of there).

What did I see on two of my flights on the way back from the tundra though but a documentary on Hubble courtesy of United. Now I tend not to actually listen to these shows as I find the filler stuff crap, especially since they edit out cursing to be child safe (like I know I’ve seen Anthony Bourdain on something on United, but rarely does a sentence come out of his mouth that doesn’t involve cursing) and instead wind up watching something like Torchwood or True Blood my iPod/iPhone on the trip. But this trip I looked up and saw Hubble images as they were playing some 20 years of Hubble type documentary. Then they started showing astronomers. Or rather they showed a number of white men, predominately of the middle aged variety. I did not see a single uterus haver on the screen. All the info I can find on the internet seems to suggest that NASA paid for this quality piece of film and also ran it on NASA TV. [sarcasm] Kudos NASA, I’m so glad to know you couldn’t find a single non white male or uterus haver to spout some platitudes about how ground breaking Hubble has been in our understanding of the cosmos! [/sarcasm]

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