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So today the random thought came to my mind after being the only person in this god forsaken town to get over so the damned ambulance could pass (seriously I swear this place is full of the stupidest drivers known to man): I really need to go get certified in CPR and First Aid.

I thought about this on my last observing run. Rather the big bruises on my shins from running into the box for the AED at the telescope dome right behind where the operator liked reclining his chair gave me constant reminders that “Hey you should learn how to use that damned thing”. I would have loved to have had company on that observing run in the form of either my grad advisor or my old undergrad advisor. But to be honest. . . I worry when I see old astronomers up on the mountain. I’ll see them huff and puff more than me and I’m an asthmatic that is stubborn and refuses to use her damn inhaler. Plus the awesome telescope operator is getting on in years too and well. . . I’m just scared that one day I’m going to have to use that damned AED and I won’t know how.

Perhaps I ought to sign up for the combined CPR and First Aid class next Saturday. At least maybe the next time I go observing I won’t worry about what might happen up there (except when someone needs oxygen. . . .the damned oxygen bottle has been empty for the last 3 years and yes I complain every freaking time I’m there).

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